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As is evidenced by my intense cooing over Helen Bullock and Mary Katrantzou (oh gosh, i wonder where that link could possibly go), i am enchanted by flower blossoms – none of those outrageously humongous lily bouquets filled with way too many colors and arranged far too neatly, but wildflowers thrown haphazardly together, tumbling over each other without artifice and eschewing garish spectacle. It is a huge dream of mine to carpet a room with a layer of flower petals one foot deep, and just… fall backwards. I’d roll around in bliss, inhale deeply, and make a petal angel, of course.

Until i can procure enough flowers for that project, this will have to do! I went to a grocery store last weekend and found the least offensive (and expensive) bouquet that i could (can you believe that someone has bred violet flowers with caterpillar-green centers? I… i just don’t understand) – a small spray of purple chrysanthemums. It was only $5!

The accurate color of the flowers, before i unwittingly switched color modes on my camera and made the subsequent photos look like they were taken in a hospital.

The same picture, white-balanced into oblivion

I stole my roommate’s scissors and cut the blossoms off of their stems.

Poor babies

I started by playing around with the sink! Originally, i was planning to leave the blossoms in the sink for other people to find and be delighted by, but then i realized that if i did that, i would be incapacitating one of our two non-clogged sinks (it’s actually kind of fascinating to see just how much water you use up brushing your teeth. But not when a dead beetle refuses to go down the drain). I had a feeling that any blossom-induced happiness would be quickly wiped out by washing your face two inches away from an insect corpse, gently bobbing in the water.

Don't they kind of look like an insidious fungus infestation?


My next idea was to leave them on the windowsill for people, since no one relies on the windowsill for their hygienic needs.

Buuuuuuuuuuuut then i decided that i didn’t feel like being an altruistic little fairy. Instead, i took a shower in a bed of flowers!

No shots of the process, sorry

Honestly, it wasn’t as great as i thought it would be; i forgot that i’d be wearing flip flops and i wasn’t able to feel the blossoms with my feet. The next time i’m home with a clean shower floor and a dirty body, though, i know what i’ll be doing!


ETA: I don’t like how this theme prevents me from making my pictures huge and assaulting, and i really don’t like how WordPress won’t let me alter the CSS without paying for the right to have a theme that satisfies my ridiculous, completely irrational desire to be able to post large pictures. If i can’t find an adequate theme, i’ll probably end up moving to Blogspot….


London Fall 2011

Quietly sneaking this post in before my first official ~Project~ post…. I was thinking about how to lessen the emphasis on fashion in this blog, but then i realized that right at that moment, i was dutifully saving pictures from London fashion week while pondering about the pattern for the hooded scarf that i’m knitting. Fashion makes up a good 30% of my thoughts, and it’s easily the most photogenic of my interests. As sacrilegious as it is to say this in a blog created for a writing class, i am not fond of all-text, or even mostly-text blogs. So if my entries are going to have pictures… well, they should be pretty pictures. Besides, i dislike blogs that update infrequently, and not only would keeping mine a project-oriented one lead to that, but it would be a very narrow-minded approach to blogging. My life is interdisciplinary, and in my opinion, my blog should be as well!

But that is more than enough blog-related musing from me. I told myself that i’d try to forget that this is for a class, and therefore, i really shouldn’t keep feeling the need to justify myself…. AHHHH, OKAY NOW I WILL REALLY STOP.

Time for the London fashion week re-cap!

Starting with the Central Saint Martins students! I am always sooooooo tremendously excited to see their collections; their enthusiasm to pave new ground and conquer the universe practically radiate off of the clothes. Ahhh, youth. 

Rejina Pyo:

(Admittedly, people are probably whispering about how she’s obviouslyyyy panning for attention with the headpieces or using them to disguise the mediocrity of the clothes. But hey, it’s definitely still interesting! I think of waterfalls, zen gardens, and deserts.)

Jenny Postle:

(It’s what Missingno would wear if he wasn’t a glitch and unable to do anything besides anticlimactically exist.) 

Helen Bullock:


And now for the non-student designers:

Peter Pilotto:
(part warrior, part camper. I’m really just posting this because of the boots. They look bulletproof! I’d probably have 15 fewer stubbed toes per day if i had bulletproof boots… not because i’d magically become less stumbly, but because my feet would be too bamf to notice silly trifles like chair legs and doors. On the other hand, i’m currently nursing a split toenail from ballet. Yes, just like Black Swan. I’d feel glamorous and proud of my ~sacrifice for my art~… if i hadn’t started ballet about three weeks ago.)

Julien Macdonald:

(yumyumyum, glittery lacy tendrils. I am swooning over the mixture of textures in the first dress – fluffy fur, ridged lace, and sensuous silk. And in the second one, i see a rib cage! Wouldn’t it be amazing if our bones were actually glittery?)

David Koma:

(I have no idea how to effectively describe it, but this entire collection has such a strong, defined, blasting-into-your-eyes aesthetic. Is there a word that incorporates mod, tribbles, and Spanish influenza?)

Mary Katrantzou:

(My absolute favorite from London. It’s just… i don’t know, pure beauty. The sensation of peering into a koi pond in a foreign land, the blend of organic, structural, architecture, flowers… organic architecture, structural flowers… this collection is its own little world, and i want so badly to live in it.)

(All images from style.com)



It feels like a bad omen to begin my posting with something other than a documentation of a project that i’ve done (they’re on their way, i promise! Crystals and fresh flowers are on the tippy top of my shopping list for tomorrow). Fortunately, my sartorial preferences correlate exactly to the aura that i’m trying to create. I won’t pretend to present these images for the purpose of inspiration; all i hope for is a minute or two of escapism. So no pressure! Without further ado, here are my favorite pieces from Fall 2011 thus far (all of these are from New York, which has just concluded. Posts about London, Paris, and Milan shall follow at the conclusion of each fashion week):

Badgley Mischka:

(that collar… it reminds me of some sort of mystical staircase to an even more mystical temple, filled with mosaic water basins and cranky monks.)

Christian Cota:

(Wolf goddess!)


(princessy whimsy at its best. Marchesa gets a lot of criticism for always showing the same collection over and over, and i have to admit that their lack of progression prevents me from getting too attached to them. However, i like knowing that with them, i have a reliable source of froufrou to coo over every few months. Just look at the pretty! The last one, especially – i would swoon for a thousand years if i could have a jumpsuit like that. Although, i think that’s a dress, not a jumpsuit… not that it really matters.)

Narciso Rodriguez:

(the pattern inexplicably reminds me of bacteria mats. Please, oh please let these be sequins….)

Oscar de la Renta:

(fluffy! Beaded! Rich colors! …It doesn’t take much to win me over.)

Rag & Bone:

(Rag & Bone cited ski slopes as their inspiration for their collection; the thick geometric lines resemble slope maps, the vivid primary hues are like the stark contrast between brightly colored snow gear and white snow + blue sky… so magnificent.)


(Rodarte always manages to conjure up pure fantasy in their clothes. A field of wheat under the most perfect shade of blue sky – not vapid like a swimming pool, and with the slightest hint of storminess. This dress is what all period romance movies aspire to be.)

The Row:

(Clean lines punctuated by massive puffiness on top. Yum.)

Thom Browne:

(possibly my favorite collection overall from NY. There’s just something so beguiling and sweet about matryoshkas… even if it looks like their eyelashes are stabbing their eyeballs with every blink.)

(All images from Fashionologie)

And that’s it for New York!


It’s almost a tradition for me to start every new blog of mine with a post using the above title (and to write about it being a tradition). What can I say, I grew up with The Sound of Music (The Sound of Music minus the first ten minutes, to be exact… my parents recorded it off of the TV and needed some set-up time)! I’ll start by being completely honest – I’ve never written a “successful” blog; the venture that received the most comments was a short-lived fashion blog and the one that logged the most posts was a diary-style one where I’d be absolutely mortified to ever see someone else’s presence (yes, yes, “then why post it online for the entire Internet to potentially see?” That’s a topic that would take much too long to explain for this modest parenthetical). However, I’ve also never started a blog with a direct goal in mind. It has always been nebulous… so hopefully, this time, my blog will have a different outcome! Especially since people in my class are forced to comment on it ❤

To prevent another accidental paragraph of ranting, I’ll just introduce my blog right here and now, no subtle transitions: this is Littlest Lights, where I (my name is Belinda, by the way) will be embarking on a whirlwind journey, rife with life-and-death struggle and revelations on cliff-sides, to inject magic into my life. It’s a nebulous goal, yes… but I have a very definite idea of what constitutes real-life magic in my mind, even though I can’t wholly explain it. Just think of the general aura around strewn rose petals, potent perfume oils, organic chocolate curling around the tongue. I’ve spent my life obsessing over moments and settings like those in movies, and now, it’s finally time for me to stop living vicariously. I’ll be posting about everything I do, and since my budget is very, very, very college-student level, all of my projects will be feasible for almost everyone (and maybe it’d count as serious participation points for the class… just sayin’). I’m so excited! I hope you are, too! You’re stuck with this blog for the rest of the semester, after all.